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So you want to lower your Verizon bill, and you want to be smart about your negotiating tactics….. Of course you do, who wouldn’t want to reduce their rates with Verizon and save money! Today, I’ll show you exactly how to use the threat of canceling service to get a better deal from Verizon. (Yes, Verizon will negotiate their rates – especially if they think they will lose your business.)

Lower Your Verizon Bill in 3 Steps

Negotiate a better rate on your Verizon bill, by suggesting you’ll cancel service. This will likely not be as easy as you think, but with a bit a work, this can save you big. Follow these steps:
  1. Speak only to the retention teamContact Verizon at 800-922-0204. These are the folks that are in charge of retaining (saving) business, and they are the folks that have access and authority to apply these to your account. Once you connect with them, say “I want to cancel service because my bill is too high.” Use these exact words. They are important because you’ve given them an objection ‘high rates’ as your issue. The good news: this is an objection they can overcome. They train on this and have several scripted responses.
  2. State Your Case – Here’s where you can list any reason you want. Some good ones are:
    “Times are tough, and I need a lower bill.” “I see competitors with lower prices, I’ll go there if we can’t work something out.” “Newer customers are paying less. How is that fair?” Anything here is fine, as long as you are polite. In fact, an original reason can sometimes be optimal.
  3. Then maintain your position – you need to lower your bill, or you’ll have to cancel service. The first offer, will not be the best. Especially, if it’s a token 1-time $10 credit. Say no thank-you to that.
PRO TIP: If you’re shy about negotiating, use the “good cop, bad cop” method. Simply make your spouse the bad guy, and say “my spouse wants me to cancel, as its too expensive.’ Now, you’re the good guy and can say, “I’d love to continue with service, but we can’t.” However, if they come back with an offer, now you can even say, “I appreciate the offer, but I know my wife wouldn’t want that. What else can you offer.” On and so forth….    

Customer Service Rep’s Have Different Levels of Authority

When you call into Verizon, you’ll be greeted by a front-line customer service representative. These are the front line reps, and these folks have the least amount of authority. In many cases, they are there to answer easy questions, and to route your call to other appropriate departments: technical assistance, billing, cancellation, etc. This is especially important to understand in this case, where you want to effectively renegotiation your bill to reduce payments. Every representative is different, but you are looking for a rep that has authority, and a willingness to be helpful. Sometimes, you’ll have to make a few calls to find the correct agent to assist you. The department that has the most authority is the ‘retention team.’ Also known as the customer retention team, or cancellation department. There they try to ‘save’ business by offering better deals or offering discounts to stay. Pro Tip: Getting transferred to a manager isn’t a requirement, but rather a privilege.    

Bill Negotiation Services

If you’d prefer not to deal with the hassle of negotiating back and forth with your provider – hire a professional bill negotiation service to do it for you. These companies negotiation on your behalf to achieve the most competitive rates on your services. They directly work with your provider and allow you to skip all the hold music, frustration, and doublespeak that goes along with haggles a better rate. They negotiate directly with your provider while you save time and money. Services like this make the most sense for those that simply want the exact same service – for less money. Or if you hate conflict or negotiation, but still want the best rate. Pro Tip: The best rates are negotiated. Cable, cell, and internet rate are negotiable.    

So, will Verizon lower your bill if you threaten to cancel?

You bet your ass they will!  BUT you’ll have to spend some time working to get that done. You’ll also have to be realistic as to your savings. You won’t get free service, but you shouldn’t be taken advantage of either. If you stick to the plan above and keep in mind that it won’t be just a quick 15-minute call – you’ll be fine. Ofen when I negotiate a bill, it’ll take an hour or two, and I have to call back a few times.  The benefits of putting the time in are – SAVINGS. Because a $23 savings per month is $276. Any number you multiply by 12 adds up quick. However, if you’d prefer to avoid the hassle, I’m happy to help lower your Verizon bill by negotiating for you! Did you take my advice to call Verizon? How did it go? Drop me a note in the comments sections.     Mike Mozart ( CC by 2.0

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