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If you moving, upgrading equipment, or canceling a service – Xfinity / Comcast requires you to return ALL equipment within 10 days of disconnecting service.  

What Comcast doesn’t tell you

If you do not return their equipment within 10 days, they will charge you the FULL retail value of new equipment. Plus, other fees for “incidental costs” that are incurred by you not returning their equipment.  

Where do I return my Comcast equipment

You have 3 options to return your equipment:
  1. Visit your local UPS Store, and have them pack it up for you. (RECOMMEND) Take all of your equipment to your closest UPS Store They will pack-up and send your equipment. You’ll be given a receipt (keep this).
  2. Return equipment to your local Comcast Service Center or Xfinity Store They will scan it into their system. You will get a receipt (keep this).
  3. Mail your equipment back using their prepaid envelope that came with the device, or ask to be sent return boxes. Either way, take a picture of your boxed up equipment and note the day you sent it. Also, note the mailing information, so you can track your package.

What Comcast Fails to Mention

There’s a chance they don’t properly track that you returned your equipment. Yup, that’s right. You have to take meticulous notes, take photos of receipts, and even a photo at the Comcast store handing over your equipment, just to be on the safe side. Mind you, Comcast is considered one of the most hated companies in the country. There are many reasons for this, but charging your for equipment you’ve returned – is one of them. So to avoid any confusion or unreturned equipment fees, keep these records for at least a year  

How can I be sure I returned all my Comcast equipment

When you call to cancel Comcast service or make a change that requires changing equipment, ask Comcast what equipment they have on file for you. Ask for serial numbers, and document this information, and make sure it matches your records  Document the equipment you return (I recommend pictures), but sure to snap a picture of the receipt too. Just in case you lost it. Then, after 2 weeks have passed, call back to confirm everything  

Pay Strict Attention to the Details

  It is your responsibility to return all of their equipment. Be sure to include remotes, adapters, cords, modems, etc. If you fail to return all equipment or don’t do it as prescribed by Comcast – expect to be changed. If you are only swapping out your new modem for theirs, be sure they remove the rental fees. I personally did this and noticed the rental fee continuing. I called, and guess what I was told? That the new modem I purchased was Comcast owned equipment? So when I properly returned their equipment, add my personal modem, they listed it as their equipment and continued charging me a rental fee. (Don’t worry, it got fixed). My point: take detailed notes, follow Comcast’s procedures, and follow up to ensure they don’t make a mistake.  As it can be a real chore to file a complaint against Comcast.   

How long will it take Comcast to show my equipment as returned

Comcast states that equipment will show as returned within 2 weeks?  

What happens if you don’t return Comcast equipment?

You’ll be charged an unreturned equipment fee, a fee for incidental costs, and it’ll go to collections if you ignore it. Your best move is to return equipment correctly, track all the details, and follow up with Comcast to ensure they didn’t screw up (or you over).  

Who should return my Xfinity / Comcast equipment?

Anyone “should’ be able to return equipment. No matter who does, retain the receipt and make sure the person returning equipment has the: name on the account, the address on the account, and Xfinity / Comcast account number.  


If you have followed all the steps above – Congratulations! You have successfully returned your equipment. You are in good company. Did you recently return your equipment? If you found these tips helpful, or you found something different, let me a note in the comments below. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Comcast Regional Sports Fee: The Definitive Guide How to get out of Comcast Early Termination Fee (STEP-BY-STEP) Will Verizon Lower My Bill if I Threaten to Cancel?   Mike Mozart ( CC by 2.0  

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