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Refer-a-friend & Save

Share Bills180 with others and save!  For each person you refer to us, we’ll reduce our fee’s by 10% per qualifying referral.  Refer again, and save another 10%, and so on.

Here’s How it Works


Share us with others

Tell folks about us!


Your Friends submit a bill and refer you

Your friends use our service, and enter your name in the ‘Referred By’ box in the applcation form.

You Save!!

For each person you refer, we’ll lower our fee’s 10%.  Refer again, save another 10%, and so on.

Help friends and family save for the future by referring today

  • Fill out the form with your friend or colleague’s information as well as yours.
  • Each person you refer will receive an email with information about Bills180.
  • If they submit a bill and enter your name in the ‘Referred By’ box, we’ll lower our fee’s by 10% (per qualifying referral).
  • Refer as many people as you like!


We believe in honest, straightforward pricing. Inflated rates, hidden fees, and unannounced price increases are unfair.  We use industry research, technology, and expert negotiators to save our clients time, money, and frustration (no hold music). Terms | Privacy Policy

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