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Did Your Comcast price increase after 12 months? DO THIS NOW!

So you just got your new bill from Comcast, and your 1-year promotional period is up – and you’re in shock. Before you panic, know that you have some options, and I’m going show you exactly what to do. But if you do only one thing, make sure…

Best Time Warner Cable Promotions for Existing Customers (Now Spectrum)

So you want to find the best Time Warner Cable Promotions for Existing Customers? Of course you do, because who would want to pay more than they have too. Or worse: why pay more than new customers. Today I’ll show you exactly how to be offered worthwhile promotions and discounts (even as an existing customer).

Best Router for Comcast High Speed Internet (2018 PICKS)

So you want to find the best Comcast approved router? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t want to save money, and have higher quality equipment? Today I’ll show you exactly how to find the best router for Comcast high-speed internet, AND how to set it up.

How to Cancel Comcast Cable and Keep Internet (Step-by-Step)

So you want to know how to cancel Comcast cable and keep internet only? Turns out – you are not alone.  Hundreds of thousands of others are moving to an Internet-only service and cutting the cable cord altogether. Today, I’ll show you it won’t be as painful to direct...

Comcast Regional Sports Fee: How to Fight This Charge [2018]

If you’re like me, you hate Comcast's rising fees – and you’ve probably noticed Comcast Regional Sports Fees! Well, it turns out you’re not alone. Cable companies are passing more and more fees along to consumers, and this is one of them. In today's post, I’m going to...

How to get out of Comcast early termination fee (Step-by-Step)

So you want to get out of paying Comcast an early termination fee? Of course you do, no one wants to pay Comcast a fee to cancel service…....and I mean no one! Here’s your foolproof guide to getting Comcast to waive your early termination fee (EFT). Increase the...

3 Things to Always Do Before Hiring a Bill Negotiation Service

Let’s face it: We all pay our cable bill each month, and each time the rate goes up, we cringe.  Paying bills is part of life, but seeing those bills go up is torture.   Before you get so frustrated, you feel like you need a third party involved, or bill negotiation...

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