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Today, we cable bill negoiators what to share some of our top secrets.  Below are some of the best strategies to lower our clients cable bill. 

How’d you like to lower your cable bill, and do so by only making a few simple adjustments? Well, consider yourself very lucky…

…..because today we’re going to take a look at 5 super-simple ways to reduce the cost of your cable bill, and save you money every single month. Warning: you are NOT going to find any advice here that tells you to cut the cord or cancel cable to lower your cable bill. Because anyone who loves tv knows that cable tv still brings together news, sports, movies, etc in a very seamless way. 

Instead:  We help you find ways to squeeze the most out of your cable package, and get true value for your dollars.   These options will reduce your cable bill, and work with just about any provider.  Including Comcast (Xfinity), DirecTv, Spectrum, Time Warner, AT&T, Cox, Charter, Optimum, Brighthouse, and others.  

Downgrade Your Plan

Let’s assess: How much is your cable bill, AND what are your viewing habits and cable needs.  What channels do you watch? These are important questions to answer to get the most out your current cable package.

Now is the time….. …..take a hard look at how you utilize your cable tv service.  Who relies on your cable service subscription? How often is it used?  

What programs are important: news, sports, others?   So now, what programming you can live without?  A Nielsen survey shows that the typical cable subscriber uses only around 20 channels, but their package will include over 200 channels. Reducing your service, and finding ways to better align your channel lineup is key to finding big savings.  

You can lower your cable bill by as much as $50 per month, by changing to a slimmer plan.   If you’ve had your service for over 2 years, it’s likely your provider has added additional options.  To get a quick side-by-side comparison of cable packages in your area, check out WhistleOut (one of the best comparisons tools around). Consider downgrading equipment  How much do your receivers cost per month?  Can you live with 1 or 2 fewer receivers?  

Moving from 4 boxes to 2 could save you a ton.  So if you have some equipment you can live without, get them off your account and sent back. Do you bundle?  If your internet is wrapped up in your cable cost – BUY your own modem.  This will pay for itself in less than a year, check out this post.

Negotiation a Better Rate

This tip – is the best!  Here’s why: Cable companies want to charge you as much as they can.  Prices will creep up until you complain.  So making sure you call to negotiate your cable bill is critical.

Remember, cable companies are losing customers every day, and are ready and willing to haggle with you on the cost of your service.  Here are some tips to negotiating like a PRO: Check Out the Competition It’s important that you know what you currently pay (review your bill prior), what your provider’s competitors are offering (check WhistleOut), and check your provider’s recent promotions.  

This will give an idea about what you should be paying. Ask to Speak directly with the Retention Team Always start here – These customer service representatives have the authority to give the best discounts. Their job is simply to retain those ready to cancel service and are armed with the best offers and promotions to keep customers.  You can and should take advantage of these offers as well.

Hire a Bill Negotiation Service (like us) If you don’t have time, or are not comfortable haggling your way to savings.  You can connect with us – Bills180.  We would be happy to lower your cable bill, by negotiating on your behalf.  Here’s some work we did on a recent DirecTv bill.  We made a few calls, over a few months, and nearly knocked the bill in half.    

Drop the Extras

Check to see where your ‘extras’ are.  HBO, Showtime, and other premium channels can be very expensive. Especially, once the promo period has expired. You may like to watch Game of Thrones, but trust us, it’ll be a long time before it returns.  In the meantime, you can cancel and renew once it has announced a return date.  Check to see if you’re paying any fees that don’t apply to you.  Are you paying regional sports fee? Are you getting regional sports?  Check with your provider, these may likely not be necessary.

Bundle up (or down)

Bundle up or down to lower your cable bill.  This will certainly depend on where savings may be found in your bill.  This could be an option if you’re using, say Comcast for internet and DIRECTV for TV.  You could consolidate, and with go with Comcast for both or AT&T for both. Both providers will likely make you a nice offer.  Check WhistleOut or for local options.


Buy an Antenna

This will be your least sexy option, but one that will pay off big if you can make the switch to broadcast tv.  With the help of a digital antenna, you can watch as many as 20 channels.  Check out to see what channels are available in your area.  According to their site, over 90% of the US population is within range to take advantage of a digital antenna. There are massive savings to be had here, as you eliminate your cable bill altogether.  Bonus:  If it turns out you do want to cancel service (I know we promised otherwise), use our link to view how to cancel Comcast.  These principles can be applied to canceling any cable service and is a great resource. Now you tell us!  What do you think?  Would any of these ideas work for you?  Did we miss anything?  We want to hear from you!

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