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If you are reading this, then you are probably seeing RED. You are so pissed at Comcast / Xfinity that you want to call Comcast headquarters to complain and explain to every executive how their company has screwed you over. But the sad truth is…. This will not give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. The folks at the top don’t care, and go to great lengths to insulate themselves from just such interactions. What you really want: is your issue to immediately be fixed, your bill adjust for your time and effort, and to be heard (or said another way, to be treated like a human being). Don’t waste more time and energy calling Comcast HQ to complain. Instead, focus on getting your issues fixed and your bill adjusted. Use the information below to escalate your issue through to resolution.

Escalation Path for Formal Complaints

If you’d prefer all the formal channel, it’s possible it’ll bring you more satisfaction than I think. Here is your escalation path:
  • Contact Comcast Retention Team (they are resourceful) Same as above, but say: I want to cancel Comcast service. You will be routed there.
  • Contact Comcast Headquarters by phone or mail:

Comcast Corporation 1701 JFK Boulevard Philadelphia PA 19103


Better yet, if you have a large following, or can have a social media influencer make a comment. That may do the trick.  Contact on twitter at @comcastcares

  • Still having problems, reach out to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

1 (888) 225-5322 Click here for all contact methods

  Still not satisfied. Below are additional resources:
  • Your State’s Board of Utilities or Public Service Commission
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Your States Consumer Protection Department
  • Your State Attorney General’s Office
  • Local Elected Officials
  • Hire Your Own Attorney and Sue Comcast

We all have our Comcast Horror Stories

My story involves shoddy equipment and a call where my wife is called a liar. Let me explain… Their equipment broke, and I work from home, so I need new equipment fast. I paid $25 extra to have the new equipment sent out the next day. But it’s Comcast right…so 7 days later they overnighted my equipment. My wife opens the box. The box is empty. We contact Comcast to explain and we are called liars for explaining our situation. This could not be true, we are lying, as they would never just mail out an empty box. Fortunately, it occurred to us, that since it sent through the postal service, the box is weighed. That’s right…the box weighted .03 pounds. There is no way 2-3 pounds of equipment was mailed, as the box was empty. So, Comcast mailed us an empty boxed and called us liars. What’s your Comcast story? Leave me a note in the comments below.


Xfinity / Comcast is a 100 billion dollar (approx) organization. They are the largest telecom company in the United States, and they have vast resources. Because of this, most of the options above are fruitless. At this very moment (April 2018) Comcast is lobbying Congress to ban State Net Neutrality laws – are you kidding me!! But that topic is for a whole other post. My point: you are best to stay focused on using the escalation path, taking a deep breath, and focus on resolving your problems. If you’re not getting proper adjustments of your bill or fees, or you’d like help lowering your rates, that is my area of expertise. Contact me, and I will help lower your Comcast bill. Good luck.   Mike Mozart ( CC by 2.0

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