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So you want to know how to cancel Comcast cable and keep internet only?

Turns out – you are not alone.  Hundreds of thousands of others are moving to an Internet-only service and cutting the cable cord altogether.

Today, I’ll show you it won’t be as painful to direct Comcast / Xfinity to reduce your service from your current package to an internet-only package.


Contact Comcast / Xfinity             

Chat Online with an Agent Use this link to initiate an online chat. Select Billing.  Explain you want to reduce your services to ‘Internet Only.’ Ask: what are my options?


Call Comcast customer service by phone at 1 (800) 934-6489

If you call, I recommend speaking directly to the retention team.  The easiest way to be connected with them is to say you want to cancel service. This request automatically generates a transfer to the retention team.   

Working with the retention team to downgrade your service is great because: this team has access to all the best deals & and your call will not be routed overseas.  This call will be routed somewhere in the USA.

Tip: Here is the general link for Comcast contact page.

Ask to Downgrade Service

Whether you talk to Comcast via phone or chat, be direct and ask to downgrade your service.  I wouldn’t get wrapped up in a long discussion about why, simply state your goal is to downgrade service to an internet-only plan.

Agree to New (Internet Only) Service Agreement

In order to move to a new plan, you’ll have to select one that meets your needs.  You should consider how you and your family use the home internet. What speed will you need?  

Are you sharing pictures and watching Netflix? How many devices will you be connecting to your home?  Do you work from home?

These are all good to consider, even before you call. Check out to get an independent review of what is available in your area.  Nonetheless, you’ll be guided by what is available to you by Comcast.

Decide to Buy or Rent Modem

I recommend you buy your own modem.  There are two reasons for this: it’s cheaper and you control the equipment, i.e. you don’t have to let ANY knucklehead Comcast installers into your house.  All the setup and troubleshooting you can do, or do by phone with the help of Comcast tech staff.

Most good modems cost between $50-150.  With Comcast charging $7-10 per month, it’ll pay for itself pretty quick.  If it becomes outdated, or breaks…that’s a bummer, but you can pick up a new one from your local store, and be back up in running and an hour or so.  

You’ll spend longer than that calling Comcast to say their equipment no longer works right. God forbid, they want you to schedule an appointment for a technician to look it – you don’t need that.

Return ALL Equipment

During your discussions with Comcast, be sure to confirm what equipment they have on file for you.  Confirm the exact pieces of equipment and their serial numbers.

Make sure this matches what you have, and agree with your Comcast representative how you’ll return the equipment: either via mail or by personally returning your equipment to a local Comcast office.  

If you mail in your equipment, take a picture and keep track of the equipment information. If you return to a store – get a receipt. You’ll need this if Comcast doesn’t correctly track that you’ve returned your equipment. (This happens more often than you think.)

PRO TIP: Every Call for Comcast is a Sales Call

Unless you’re just looking for a better deal, simply decline all the offers you’ll likely get to continue with your current plan.  They will assume you just need a lower rate, and you may get discounted offers. If that’s what you’re after, take it. But if your goal is simply to move to internet only, just say no.

During this process, there should not be any discussion of a fee to downgrade, there are no early termination fees to downgrade service – at least there should not be.  I’ve heard horror stories about Comcast. They can go to great lengths to retain customers, and increase service plans rather than downgrade them.

Their rep’s work on metrics and those employees have responded to their environment in many ways.  Including being aggressive and combative. So if you are given any run-around or its suggested it’ll cost you a fee to reduce service. Either speak to a supervisor, or hang up, and call back to speak with another rep.


If you downgrade your service, reducing your hardware, you should see big savings!

Hopefully, these steps make this process straightforward.  All reputable companies should make working with them painlessly, and hopefully, your experience goes smoothly.

Keep really good track of who you talk too, and what was discussed.  (They get a lot of complaints about numbers / pricing changing.) 





If you canceled Comcast Cable and kept internet only, I’d love to hear how it went.  Leave a comment below, and if you need help with any of this, connect with me at

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