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Ultimate Guide to Cancel Comcast Service Online

Written by Tom Pope                Published on May 13, 2018

If you’re like most Comcast customers, you dread opening your monthly bill. Comcast is notorious for changing their prices month by month, leaving loyal customers with nothing but headaches. Maybe you’ve finally reached your breaking point and are ready to dial up Comcast and cancel your service. But instead, you put off trying to cancel Comcast service online, dreading the inevitably difficult customer service representative who will fight you tooth and nail. But what if you had a way to cancel Comcast without the fight? With a simple three-step process, you can cancel your Comcast service with no stress, no difficulties and no long calls. Step 1: Contact the retention team (1-800-XFINITY) Step 2: Say “I want to cancel my service because I’m moving out of the country.” Step 3: Confirm cancellation and return equipment. To understand why this is the best way to cancel, you must understand how Comcast’s corporate retention team strategies work and how to use them to your advantage.

Step 1: Contact the retention team (1-800-XFINITY)

To get started, you’ll have to call Comcast (Xfinity) directly at 1-800-934-6489. As much as we wish you could cancel Comcast online – services can’t be canceled online or without calling. This is intentional because people are less likely to push hard to cancel service if they are forced to talk to a person. There is no specific Comcast retention number  Before you call, make sure you are in a calm mood and allow enough time to complete the call without rushing. Since the call options change regularly, follow the prompts. When the prompts ask you if you’re moving, say no. Your goal is to reach the retention team, not technical support or a salesperson. Retention teams are also known as customer loyalty and customer solutions teams. Only speak to the retention team. Any other group, such as billing or technical support, cannot process your request to cancel service. If you waste time talking to them, your call is dragging out and you’re no closer to cancel Comcast service online. Pro Tip: If you request to be connected to retention team and you’re getting pushback, say “I was just on the phone with retention and the call dropped. Can you reconnect me please?” This will help you get reconnected. Comcast will try to do whatever they can to keep taking your money, so don’t stress over a white lie. Here’s the brutal truth: Comcast retention teams are trained to do one thing: keep you as a customer. In other words, your request to cancel is not their top priority: it is actually the opposite.  Retention specialists are paid an hourly wage, and commission based on how many accounts they “save” (retain). Retention specialists are trained to keep your business. They have scripted responses to any and all reasons you may have to want to leave. Picture a team of professionals roleplaying with each other, working hard to overcome a single customer objection: I want to cancel Comcast. Or a manager playing back a recorded call, pointing out where there were opportunities to save business.   Cancel Xfinity The very specialist you’re speaking to may be on a performance plan, as he’s let too many folks cancel. This is likely part of what happened during the now infamous Ryan Block call, where he tried to cancel Comcast and they wouldn’t let him.  This has even led to discussion of specific legislation that would allow for simpler cancellation processes.  But there is a big lesson to be learned: In that call, Block failed to provide the best excuse for leaving. Moving out of the country (or anywhere they do not have Comcast) is a perfect excuse because it satisfies all parties: Comcast Corporate, retention leadership, and in general this isn’t considered a negative toward the specialist. Thus, they can move you along in the cancellation process. (Keep in mind none of this needs to be true. It is simply the path of least resistance.) But what if I want to cancel Comcast without calling? Cancellations can only be processed through the phone. If you write an email or a letter, you will add on to the time it takes to cancel your account. If you reach a customer service representative through chat, you’ll be directed to call as well. But don’t take my word for it. Check out Comcast’s own website. It gets worse: According to Comcasts own site, they will offer you the option to add layers of misery to this process. They would be happy to have you write a letter, address an envelope, add postage, and mail off a letter to them requesting to cancel service. At which point, they will not process your request, instead they will call you (hopefully) to chat about your decision to cancel.  Don’t add extra steps; simply start with the phone call. The same goes for email. Even if you decide you want to cancel by mail, how promptly would you expect a call? Comcast is reporting massive losses this year. Customers are dropping like flies thanks to poor satisfaction reports and difficult billing. Reports are that they lost 130,000 customers in Q2 of 2017 alone. Expect their most aggressive and most experience retention folks to call. If you want to cancel in person, you do have the option to gather all of your equipment and go to your local Comcast office to cancel. This is difficult for several reasons. First, if your center isn’t close by, you’re setting yourself up for a long drive. Second, even if you schedule an appointment, you’ll likely have a long wait time. And third and most importantly, once you are there ready to cancel Comcast, you’ll have to deal with a face-to-face sales pitch begging you to remain a customer. And even if you go through all that trouble, in some cases, stores will still direct you to call the retention line. Phone calls are the simplest and fastest way to cancel Comcast. You’re not negotiating for a car – you’re exercising your right as a consumer to exit your contract. Of course, if you perfer not to be hassled with this all, we’re (Bills180) happy to cancel for you. 

Step 2: Say “I want to cancel my service because I’m moving out of the country.”

    So let’s say things are going really well. You’ve successfully navigated the myriad of call options put in place to divert you from your goal and you’re on the phone with a member of the retention team. Now you will be asked a very important question: why are you canceling? Firmly, but politely say, “I want to cancel my Comcast service.” Then you’ll be asked why? Here’s where things get tricky: Comcast’s retention team is there to retain customers. That is their number one goal. They want to overcome any objections or problems you have with their service as long as they can lock you into a contract again. They work for Comcast, are paid by Comcast and are trained by Comcast. These agents are given guided scripts, they receive extensive training by management and listen to difficult calls to learn how to play to a customer’s ego and secure their business. The worst mistake you can make is to choose this moment to explain why you may really be leaving: high prices, slow internet speeds, poor service, cheap equipment, etc. These are areas where the agents are required to ask probing questions and find out more about each of your issues with the goal of lowering prices, increasing your speed, apologizing for poor service or sending new equipment. All of these things are great if you want to negotiate a better package, but not if your sole goal is to cancel Comcast. This has only added time to your call. Now in theory, you should be able to call and cancel any service without pushback. But in reality, it doesn’t work that way. The quickest and easiest way to cancel your contract is to say you’re moving out of the country, far, far away from Comcast. Pick a place. Remember Ryan Block’s horrifying call with Comcast in 2014? The now-infamous call is gut-wrenching to listen to because it sums up all our fears about canceling contracts and is a prime example of why Comcast is so poorly rated. But if you say you’re leaving the country, there is no other option Comcast can offer you but cancellation. You’re not going to pay for a service you no longer “need.”   Of course: If you’d prefer to avoid the hassle, we’d be happy to cancel your Comcast service for you – Cancel for me or if you’re stuck and just want to cancel comcast cable and keep internet – we can help with that too – Just Cancel Cable.

Step 3: Return equipment and confirm cancellation

So once you have successfully canceled your contract, you have to return all your equipment. Comcast will charge you for any unreturned equipment, down to the smallest cord. When you’re on your call with your retention team member, ask for a detailed list of the equipment Comcast has for you. This includes items, names and serial numbers. Now it’s your turn to keep them on the line as you check. If something doesn’t match up, it can cause a headache later on. If you purchased your own modem to avoid rental fees, make sure Comcast is aware and not expecting a modem back. Be thorough and consolidate all your Comcast equipment in one box. Once you have a master list, you can return the equipment in several ways: in a pre-paid box, directly to a Comcast store, or via UPS. I prefer UPS since they will box everything for you in store. Whatever method you choose, make sure to take detailed pictures of each piece of equipment before you seal the box. If you’re taking pictures while dropping off your equipment at Comcast, don’t worry about feeling silly. You’re documenting important information and proving that Comcast can’t push you around. Pro Tip: Take a detailed picture of your receipt if you return your items directly to a Comcast store. This will let you have proof that Comcast has received and processed your return. Finally, make sure you understand the effective date of your cancellation. Don’t ask yes/no questions. Now that you’re no longer a Comcast customer, the retention team member may be a little rude. Get a clear understanding of when your last bill will come and ask for a copy of that in email. Don’t hang up until you get it. But wait – how much does it cost to cancel comcast?  What about cancellation fees? Understanding how to get out of comcast early termination fees can be easier than you think.  Cancellation fees and early termination fees are sometimes built into contracts to discourage customers from canceling Comcast before their contract is up. Comcast’s contract is deliberately vague on this point, but their average cancellation fee can be up to $220. This is where your “leaving the country” reason comes in handy. Say that since your move out of the country or out of Comcast’s service area is unavoidable, there’s no way that you could retain the contract. After all, why should you pay cancellation fees for an “unavoidable” contract breach? Politely, but firmly explain that you do not want to pay any termination fees for closing your account. If you get pushback, calmly ask to speak to a supervisor. Don’t get agitated – part of Comcast’s retention training is based around getting you aggravated so they can justify either hanging up on you or getting you to reveal a real reason for canceling. Explain your situation to the supervisor if required. You are moving out of the country (or service area) and can’t continue your Comcast contract. There shouldn’t be a fee for canceling because this move is unavoidable. Remember that Comcast will not ask for proof that you are moving. Stay calm, stay firm and stay on the phone until you get what you want – the end of your Comcast contract at no cost to yourself. Congratulations!  You are in good company having successfully canceled your service, enjoy your new-found freedom from Xfinity / Comcast. Bonus – for how to cancel Comcast cable and keep internet only, please check out our other post HERE  

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