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Nowadays you don’t need cable tv to watch television. Heck, you don’t even have to have a tv. Folks are watching tv on other streaming devices, like their phones, Ipads, and tablets. But what is the best device to use to stream Netflix with?

The best streaming stick for Netflix is Amazon’s Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. Hands down this is the perfect option for using Netflix because it allows for very simple setup. Netflix comes pre-installed and ready for use. Also, you can use the voice-operated remote to simply “launch Netflix” and you have the option to operate Netflix with your smartphone, or the voice-activated remote that comes with your Fire TV stick. (Check the current price on Amazon)

Voice Operated Remote

This streaming device comes with a voice-operated remote named Alexa. One of the best things about this device is that you can simply use that voice-operated remote to launch Alexa, ask it a question, or direct it to find you the programming you want. It makes using Netflix a breeze.

Super Simple Setup

The setup for Amazon Fire TV stick is super simple. The one thing you do have to have is a high-speed internet connection, and then the device is simple to install. Plug the fire stick into one of the HDMI ports. Connect it to the correct HDMI port, plug the outlet in the wall so that the firestick has power, connect to the Internet, and get going to watching Netflix.

One specific note: you do have to have a Netflix subscription to be able to log in and use Netflix. This streaming device does not come with a subscription to Netflix.

Expanded Netflix Format

Another super cool feature of the fire-stick is when you use and watch Netflix on the device will you get to see an expanded view of the shows, there are various previews, and there’s actually a scroll that will go through several shows. Of if you just want to preview a few of them, you’ll love this option. This is very different from the iPad or smartphone view. This is an improved format

Advanced Searching Options

Another great thing the fire-stick will do for you is if you are searching for something on Netflix and it’s not available but it is available on Amazon Prime or another spot on the firestick it will suggest that for you. So if there is a TV show or a movie that you want to watch and it’s available on the stick somewhere, it’ll give you the option whether it’s available to you or maybe it’s available for purchase.

Much More Than Just Netflix

Obviously, there is a whole lot more to the Amazon Fire TV stick that just being able to use Netflix. It has a tremendous amount of apps and different TV alternatives, like ESPN, HBO NOW, lots of different applications built in. Many different modalities as well as to use: YouTube, HGTV, Silk, and Firefox. There are lots of different ways in which you can use the firestick besides Netflix.

Super Affordable

The best thing about this device is how affordable it is. Currently its around $30 on Amazon. A little bit less maybe in the future but currently super affordable and you pay that price only one time, unlike cable that is a recurring monthly fee that inevitably will drive you bonkers. (Click here for current pricing on Amazon)

Portable (Great Hidden Feature)

One of the coolest hidden features of fire stick is that it’s portable you buy it and take it home, you plug it into your television, you use it, but if you are going to take a vacation or a cruise, or you’ll be in a hotel or if you’re going to Disney World you can take this with you plug it in, connect to the internet, and you’re ready and set – just like you were home. Super cool, very nice feature. My family uses this every time we’ve gone on vacation because it allows me to have absolute consistency with programming and it’s wonderful.

No More Wires

Another nice feature, or one thing to keep in mind, is because of the nature of this fire stick and the remote, which is Wireless, right, it’s not infrared, that’s actually a misunderstanding its Wireless. Because of that, all you need to do is provide power to the television and to the fire stick and you can have tv anywhere in your home, or if there’s a small child’s room or a basement bedroom or area that you want to do have TV, but that traditionally you needed to run crazy Comcast cables into, now the room no longer a bunch of wires, its not necessary at all

Cut the Cord

More and more folks are cutting the cord and eliminating cable TV altogether. This is a wonderful option, the Amazon Fire TV stick, to get your feet wet with this especially if cutting the cable cord is something you’re uncomfortable with, you can spend $30, by the fire TV stick, see if you like it, see if you can begin to limit your usage with cable TV, and it’s very possible you find yourself using this more and more, especially if you love Netflix, if you add on Hulu, if you do HBO NOW, you may not need cable ever again. Live sports is still something that is a little bit tough, but there are some workarounds for that

Putting Comcast to Shame

One last thing, streaming wireless devices such as this are really, truly putting Comcast and other cable TV providers to shame. No installer needs to come to your house, no unqualified technician needs to come out and run cables all over your house unnecessarily. The more these become prevalent the more and more cable subscription rates will really go down, which will put a real hardship on those who want to keep it, because rates for those that continue with cable will skyrocket. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

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