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So you want to find the best Comcast approved router?

Of course, you do! Who doesn’t want to save money, and have better quality equipment?

Today I’ll show you exactly how to find the best router for Comcast high-speed internet, and how to set it up.


Wireless Router Vs. Modem / Router Combo

Your home network has two basic components: modem and wireless router. Your modem establishes and maintains a connection with your internet provider (Comcast), and the router provides you a wifi signal. Often these are separate devices, but it’s just as common to have them combined into one device.

ALL modems and modem/router combos MUST be certified equipment by Comcast. However, if you already have an established modem, and simply want to add on a router(or replace one) – then you may buy whatever you like.

If your goal, and it probably is….to eliminate Comcast rental fees, then you’ll need both modem and router, or the combo of both. 


Choosing Comcast Approved Equipment

In order to use your own equipment with Comcast, you must select approved equipment. Your device and model must have been a certificate to work well with the Comcast network. If it’s not an approved device, Comcast will not activate it on their system.

There are three very simple ways to ensure you select an approved router:

  • View the complete list of approved equipment here on Comcast’s site. You will be prompted to log in or enter your zip code and service speed to identify approved equipment.
  • Purchase your new router in a store, like Best Buy, read the box. The outside of the box will clearly state “compatible with Xfinity” and likely will have the Xfinity logo on the box as well. This information should be clearly listed and unmistakable. So don’t worry, you will not need to be a tech guy to be sure the device is certified.
  • Let Amazon do the research for you. Use this link to navigate Amazon’s list of Comcast approved routers on Amazon.

Understand your ‘level of service’ needs

Most great routers will fine for most. But you should consider your family’s specific needs. If you need speeds on the higher end, be sure to correctly select a router that can perform at that level.

First, consider what download speed works for you? Next, you want to make sure you select a router that has the capacity to relay those speeds. So if you expect heavy usage, or will be using a business or Blast Pro package, you want to buy a router that relays for AT LEAST the level of speed you are paying for.

All you need to do is check the specifications for ‘max download speed.’ If your Comcast high-speed internet package will give you 250 bps, then you’ll need a router that has at least a max download speed of 250 bps. If you pay for 400 bps, then get a router that can handle that speed.


How to Install and Activate your New Modem/Router (Self-Installation Method)

In order to successfully self-install your new router, you’ll need your account number and telephone number. If you’re not sure, check online to see what Comcast has on file for you.

To do this, log in to your Comcast account. Click on the Setting tab, your account number is listed under account info, and your telephone number is shown under account contact info.

Please note: if you are a new customer, you should order service, and create an online account, and note your account number and telephone number.


  1. Purchase Router (See our Recommendations below)
  2. Remove/unplug any previous equipment
  3. Plug in coaxial cable and power lines
  4. If applicable, connect the phone connector (RJ11)
  5. Wait for the router to come online. This will vary, reference manufacturer info.
  6. Connect to your computer via ethernet cable or via WIFI.


  1. Open a new tab in your web browser.
  2. You’ll automatically see the Xfinity activation page, if you don’t go to
  3. Follow the prompts and select authentication method
  4. Enter your information as directed
  5. Process complete. Open a new window to confirm.
  6. Troubleshoot here

BEST OVERALL – Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (24×8)

This is our top pick overall. It really does everything that you can ask. It’s fully compatible with Comcast, as well as most other internet service providers. Is both a modem and router combined. It will provide you with up to 960mbps modem speeds. It has a very powerful wifi speed and is perfect for large family with 10-20 devices, lots of streaming, and high-speed gaming.

Best Router for Comcast high speed internet

  • AC1900 WiFi – up to 1.9Gbps
  • 24×8 Channel Bonding enables up to 960Mbps download speeds
  • Beamforming+ for whole-home HD coverage
  • The powerful 1.6GHz combined processor will boost performance for streaming & gaming

To see current pricing, check it out here on Amazon. 









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