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I am personally ready to cut my cable and cancel my subscription to Comcast. However, I definitely want to still be able to watch Network TV shows and have access to live sporting events, so I’ve been doing research into what I can replace Comcast TV with. What I’ve settled on is Tablo TV and right now I’m trying to figure out what’s the best hard drive for use with Tablo over-the-air DVR service. I did some research and what I found was the best hard drive for Tablo TV is WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0. Its the perfect choice to pair with my Tablo TV forr many different reasons, first of which was that Tablo TV and in their manual recommend this particular brand, any specific memory capacity is fine. It is super affordable. It has great starting prices, and you can get 4 terabytes for about $100 which fits my budget really well. And most importantly it had terrific reviews,over a thousand people on Amazon said they really liked it, and that vote of confidence is enough for me. However, I did find the answers to many other questions I had, so take a look below because you may have simiar questions.

Which types of hard drives are compatible with Tablo TV?

As stated above Tablo TV recommends Western Digital elements and so that’s the one I went with, but they currently support any external hard drive that is USB 2 compatible this includes USB 3 drives and if they are backward compatible that’s okay as well. One thing to take note of is that USB flash storage is not acceptable, it’s not fast enough and will not work with Tablo TV. Also, note that networked storage (NAS) will not work. Tablo TV says there are too extensive of a range of network speeds to support this and for this reason they currently they do not.

What hard drive does Tablo recommend?

They recommend any size hard drive from Western Digital Elements. Click here to see that option on Amazon.

How much recording storage do I need?

This depends on many different factors including how much storage you want to have at what quality you would like to store your shows, how many people may be using your over-the-air DVR Tablet TV services. Also consider for how long you may want to keep your programming, and how comfortable you would be having to eliminate programming once your storage does finally become full.

Some Basic Tips:

  • Record only shows you want
  • Delete those shows you no longer need, or will never watch again.
  • If you have lots of kids in the house, limit their recording space

Adjust Setting for More Recording Space

One great feature of Tablo TV can be found in the Tablo settings as they will allow you to select the recording quality and set a default range. You will be allowed to go in and select the level of quality for your shows and programming and the lower the quality the more space your device your hard drive well-maintained. the higher the quality be 1080p quality shows you record and store digital Lee the more space that will take up. So a top tip is to go in and set your settings and video quality to 720P, and this will allow you to maintain high quality in the picture in your shows but also to really be able to have plenty of storage no matter what the capacity of your hard drive is.

Can I use a flash drive?

In a word, no. The reason for this is the capacity of flash drives is just not compatible or enough for what tabloTV requires in its hard drives.

What are other folks using?

In my research, I found that folks use a variety of different hard drives. Often folks will simply use the hard drives they have already purchased and they have available to them already. When purchasing a specific hard drive for Tablo TV the one listed here the one I’m recommending seems to have gotten tremendously good reviews with few to no problem and at a price point that is outstanding.

Improve Wifi for the best experience

A great home internet connection combined with a strong Wi-Fi signal is a must for all cord cutters. It is also a must for anyone wanting to use Tablo TV alongside an HD antenna to record and view local programming. Here are a few basic tips to make sure that you’re doing as much as you can to optimize your home Wi-Fi network. It is best to use a router that was manufactured in the last three to five years and supports 802.11 AC Wi-Fi standards. If possible, place your router on the top floor of where you live, and if possible in a central location. picture of hard drive Choosing the right frequency on your router device is easy. Go to your settings listed by the manufacturer, this can help allow you to select a non-busy frequency meaning one that not all of your neighbors are using this can help dramatically eliminate a frequency. Lastly, things like cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwaves can sometimes cause signal interference so if possible place the router and other Wi-Fi devices away from these types of Technologies.

Still on the fence about Tablo TV?

I feel your pain, I’m right there with you. But the thought of keeping cable and Comcast any longer is a near nightmare scenario for me. I’ve been looking around and Tablo TV, this hard drive, combined with a great HD antenna appear to be a wonderful TV alternative to cable.


Making sure that you select the right hard drive to store all of your programming is very important. Making sure you select the best hard drive for Tablo TV is even more important. I recommend WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive. The reason I’m recommending it is what Tablo TV recommends, was a tremendous capacity to store programming, it is plug-and-play ready, at has fast data transfers it is formatted and it is high quality from top to bottom. Have you recently bought a hard drive? Are you in the market for a new one now? Let us know which one you decided on by dropping below and leaving a comment.

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