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Meet the Team

Our experts are the magic behind what makes Bills180 possible

Tom Beem

Tom Beem is co-founder of Bills180. He has 15 years experience in consultative sales and negotiation. He has worked in higher education, and now enjoys sparring with Comcast.   When not on the phone, he enjoys traveling with his wife and two rambunctious kids

Dr. Alexandra Beem

Ali Beem is co-founder and better half of Bills180.  She is a practicing physical therapist with 13 years experience.  She continues to work full time as a PT, while handling most of our operational elements. When she is not hauling the kids from one place to another, she very much enjoys it when the kids fall asleep.

George Matthews, CPA

George Matthews is an accounting and mortgage expert hailing from Canton Maryland.  He has a 28 year track record of saving his clients money.  In addition to his current work in the mortgage industry, he enjoys plucking $100 bills out of the hands of Verizon Wireless.

We believe in honest, straightforward pricing. Inflated rates, hidden fees, and unannounced price increases are unfair.  We use industry research, technology, and expert negotiators to save our clients time, money, and frustration (no hold music). Terms | Privacy Policy

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